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What's Your PROBLEM! Psht.

Does this sound familiar?

  • I want to improve but I DON'T KNOW where to start?

  • I never know if I'm doing enough, so I stop before I ever get any results

  • I don't feel I'm living up to my entire worth. I am worthy but..

  • I'm tired of living a sad life & I want to move on with new perspectives

  • I'm sick of thinking about being GREAT. I want to live it unapologetically!

  • I love exercise but I spend too much time working out! It becomes daunting

  • I want to be FREE of my own mental limits & not get stuck when things don't pan out

  • I don't only want to use heavy weights, I feel great when I do HITT style bodyweight exercises

  • I don't have time to workout and I want physcial results in 20 minutes or less

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Clint Townscend

This Is What I Think..


Why Commit To Myself?

  • Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi Derived Teaching Tactics To Assure Personal Growth

  • Reveal Restricting Pain To Catalyze Solutions For Improved Understanding of Yourself

  • Receive SHORT [20 min] yet effective movement-based exercises

  • Increased quality of connections that feed your soul as an individual creator

  • SuperPower Identification + Tools To Serve Others Appropriately

  • Measured Performance for calculated accountability _ BulletProof Foundation _

  • Eastern Medicine Practices [Holistic] Derived From Real-Life Experience

  • Private Groups [Of Course] - The Mentor’s Mastermind

  • Positive Psychological Reinforcement

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It's so valuable we are only rewarding action-takers until..

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There are only 7 Early Adapter mentee spots left! If this page is viewable then you need to JUMP on the opportunity now before it VANISHES!

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The 1st [7] seven people will receive individual mentorship live!
It's My Time Now

The Mentor's Edge IS For

Creative Minds Attempting To Shatter Mental Constraints & Express Their True Worth. If You Want To Perform Authentically And Gain The Emotional Permission To Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery It's Time To Invest In Yourself First.

  • Defeat Your Past Demons

  • Gain A Clariyoant Understanding Of Yourself

  • Step Into Your True SuperPOWER & Serve It To Others

  • Those Feeling Trapped In Their Own Fear & Insecurities

  • If You're Ready To Do The Inner Work

Pernell Bobby Has Organized, Spoken For Or Represented The Following

Central Connecticut State University
Amped Fitness
National Speakers Association
Exercise Is Medicine Ambassador
Business of Speaking & Coaching

This Mentorship Course Is The Apex. It Is Honest & Filled With Real-Life Wisdom. It Is The Rarest 16 Week Wake Up Call That Has Ever Been Created. Here Is What Others Have To Say About Learning From Pernell Bobby The Mentee of Tony Robbins & Kendall Ficklin..

It doesn't take a long time to make a short decision

Founder of Semet Fitness

Juan Martinez

Founder of Semet Fitness

"Talking to you, I know wisdom is coming to me." Pernell is a healthy rival, knowing someone is preaching what I do on another magnitude makes me want to serve more. IG: _Semet
Professional Photographer & Dancer

Tania Palomeque

Professional Photographer & Dancer

Coming from Spain was tough! If you're anything like me, spending money on everyone but me has been my plague. Coach P has taught me that I'm priority #1. I kept over-thinking in my business, but now it doesn't matter the storm my foundation is set. IG: TPPhotography
Gylt_Free Coaching


Gylt_Free Coaching

I came for my Gylt_Free women's coaching course, but ending up losing 17lbs & downsized from a 14 to a size 4! Now that my mind & body is right it's time to get that "F-U" money up. IG: Chelley2Sweets
Best-Selling Author & Artist

James Black

Best-Selling Author & Artist

I definitely recommend The Coaches Corner be in your plans this year for personal development goals. If growth, significance, self worth, planning, goal setting etc are your areas of focus and intention, tap into Coach P and The Institute of LyFe today! IG: AuthorJamesBlack
German Media Strategist & Writer

Sindy Kirks

German Media Strategist & Writer

Life happened to me by coincidence, but it taught me that sacrifices can be such a beautiful thing. It was never a conscious choice at first. I was all over the place, but now after the program, I would consciously choose it again. IG: SindyKirks

The Mentor's Edge Is NOT For

Those Unwilling To Do The Following

  • Move Everyday - We FEEL How We MOVE

  • Do The Work With A Pen & Pad: Frequent Challenges

  • Give More To Others Than We Take

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Personal Development

Global Connections at your fingertips of workshop and retreats in 3 continents. Don't miss the next free mini-course or complimentary exercises and wellness suggestions.

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The Mentor's Edge is ONLY for people willing to do the following:

  • Live Your Fullest Expression

  • Be Coachable & Serve Others

  • Push The Limits, Plan & Assess Then Push Again

  • Recognizes Fear But Displays Courage

  • Smiles, Loves The Process & Has FUN

    If you can comfortably do these five [5] things, this will be a perfect fit for you.

  • Why The Mentor's Edge:

    Performance-Based Mentorship w/ access to compatible peers on an international scale designed to use our past struggles or strife to transport us to our desired destination. Expect to transcend the highest expression you envision for yourselves with blueprinted execution via in-home progression steps, bodyweight exercises in less than 20 minutes and enhanced psychology.